The Australian story of Team Super Ben

Ian Williams lives with his beautiful family in Perth (Australia). Together with his wife Jodi, their daughter Abbey, 2 dogs of which one is in training for epilepsy, 2 cats and 2 goldfish they offer their son Ben, who suffers from medication resistant epilepsy, a warm cocoon. With only one focus: to give Ben the best possible quality of life, despite the many obstacles he encounters in his path.  

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epihunter at international conferences

Allison Watson, founder and trustee of the patient organization Ring20 Research & Support, and Tim Buckinx, founder of epihunter, presented three times this year at international conferences.

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Dr. Wendy Werckx on the use of epihunter in daily clinical practice

Dr. Wendy Werckx is a pediatric neurologist, working in her own cabinet and in the Ziekenhuis Netwerk Antwerpen. Since September 2020 she uses epihunter in her own clinical practice. She is excited about its added value. Tim Buckinx, CEO and founder of epihunter, spoke with her.

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A look at the interim results of our validation study

Validation of our technology is obviously very important. During previous research we showed that epihunter is able to detect absence seizures fully automatically.  

However, we wanted to go a step further and compare epihunter with the video EEG in the hospital.

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Not always obvious

"Last week, same story", Danielle begins. In Sara’s diary, a note from her teacher: "Sara seems tired lately. Moreover, Sara hit the same cupboard several times this week. On Tuesday, during math, it took her a lot of effort to keep up with the group.”

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Topics: absence, behavioral change, childhood absence epilepsy, unclear, confusion, seizure, incomprehension

What does the future bring?

As a big brother, Frederik can cope with Ine’s epilepsy. He is very responsible and caring. If the family goes on a trip, he is the one who asks: "Mom, did you not forget Ines pills?" - "As if that’s the concern of a thirteen-year-old" - sighs his mother, Karen.

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Topics: absence, seizure, children, future, life questions, unsteady agenda, uncertainty, unpredictable, impact on family

About wrong imaging

Lieve, Sofie’s mother, is a speech therapist. In her practice, she’s sometimes confronted with epilepsy. She’s familiar with the symptoms. Hence, when Sofie, as a two year old, cut herself out more and more, Lieve suspected something was wrong.

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Use Epihunter at home

Epihunter Classroom? But can we also use it at home?

Definitely! Epihunter offering the teacher a better insight in the attention and learning quality of the child is convincing. With an extra parent-app, absence seizures also become detectable at home.

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Crowdfunding? Indiegogo?

We need your support.
On February 12th, International Epilepsy Day, Epihunter received a lot of media attention, not only on our product launch but also on the kickoff of our Indiegogo campaign. In this blogpost we will provide some background information on the latter. Still any questions unanswered after this email? Feel free to contact us! 

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Great Epihunter news on International Epilepsy Day

The second Monday of February is known as International Epilepsy Day. On this special day, we have a lot of news to share with you!

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