Crowdfunding? Indiegogo?

Posted by Tim Buckinx on 27-Feb-2018 23:21:08

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On February 12th, International Epilepsy Day, Epihunter received a lot of media attention, not only on our product launch but also on the kickoff of our Indiegogo campaign. In this blogpost we will provide some background information on the latter. Still any questions unanswered after this email? Feel free to contact us! 

Indiegogo, what is it?
Indiegogo is an international crowdfunding platform that brings a broad group of people (the crowd) into contact with innovative technologies and invites them to help promote further development and to provide financial support (backing). Epihunter is a company in full start-up phase that can certainly use extra promotion and financing for the development of its first product.

Why crowdfunding?
Because Epihunter puts the creation of 'added value' first. We want become a strong company with products that offer real added value to its users, each and every day. And to identify that added value, we want to be as close as possible to the user and his environment. Crowdfunding allows us to test and improve our first product in daily life together with you.

How to give us your voice and support?
Reserve one of the packages (perks) that we offer you at a launch price on the Indiegogo platform. Choose the package that suits your needs, your involvement and your budget. Do you (or your child) have epilepsy or you feel closely connected to our project for another reason? With your contribution you make it possible for us to turn on a lot of lights.

What happens to your contribution?
Yes, your contribution turns on lights. In the first place lights that say "hey, I'm not here for a moment". But, your voice and support does way more. It gives us courage to keep going, to continue when the going gets tough. It also contributes to the financial basis Epihunter needs. You help us to scale our technology, so our digital platform can process even more data and thus detect absence seizures more accurately. As an ambassador or sympathizer you also put Epihunter convincingly and permanently on the map. We will be able to implement translations in different European languages and increase usability of Epihunter for everyone. Finally, you help to strenghten our user support team, hopefully we can count on your support.
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