Great Epihunter news on International Epilepsy Day

Posted by Tim Buckinx on 11-Feb-2018 21:54:57

The second Monday of February is known as International Epilepsy Day. On this special day, we have a lot of news to share with you!


Crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo

Epihunter starts with a major crowdfunding campaign for our first solution: Classroom. On Indiegogo, one of world's largest crowdfunding platforms, parents of children with absence epilepsy ánd sympathizers can pre-order a discountend annual subscription. The first 50 subscribers can use Epihunter Classroom already in April 2018.  



WinWinner: tax-friendly investment 

A 'winwin loan' allows you to easily invest in a company like Epihunter in a tax-friendly manner for Flemish residents. Epihunter aims to collect €60.000 that will be used to further develop the Classroom solution, launch it to the European market and to make data also directly available to neurologists.



Collaboration Epilepsy League

To further develop Epihunter and to help as many children as possible, both at school and at home, we work closely with academic hospitals and the Flemish Epilepsy League. Epihunter has even made first contacts with Boston Children's Hospital, one of the most renowned children's hospitals in the world. Prof. Paul Boon, chairman of the Epilepsy League: "With the Epilepsy League, we are going to support Epihunter with the scientific validation of their application, so the app can give researchers more insight into absence epilepsy and contribute to new treatments." 



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