Taking care of yourself

Life is filled with beautiful moments. The nice experiences, the good memories. Absence epilepsy does not change that. Life however sometimes entails darker periods. Hard times, the difficult situations and confrontations. And yes, the latter ones may occur more often due to the disorder. That is why it is incredibly important for a parent to take time for oneself, some “me-time”. Accept outside help, share your concerns, grant yourself a little extra. All without any feeling of guilt. Self-care is essential to make life with absence epilepsy bearable. Some parents testify, read their stories below.

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Always that fear

Absence epilepsy affects everyday life on every level. Though many of us try to meet it with optimism, there is always that fear and anxiety. You make the most of every day, but never without precautions and a solid portion of routines. Below you can read how some parents approach the uncertainty that comes with absence seizures. 

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EEG technology clarified

We sometimes call our brains "our computer". The comparison is striking. Our brains also consist of many cells (neurons) that are connected to numerous cables (axons). These cables allow the brain cells to communicate with each other. They send out signals. In case of epileptic seizures, this communication is disrupted.

EEG technology maps out this disruption. How exactly this happens seems to be very complex. In this blog, our technology expert, Dirk Loeckx, explains it clearly to you.

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New classification of epileptic seizure types (Prof Dr Lagae)

 Clarity for better diagnosis and therapy 

In 2017 the International League against Epilepsy (ILAE) published a new classification of epileptic seizure types. Prof. dr. Lieven Lagae, pediatric neurologist at UZ Gasthuisberg and Chairman of the European Pediatric Neurology Society, highlights the importance of the new classification and clarifies what is truly "new".

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What does the future bring?

As a big brother, Frederik can cope with Ine’s epilepsy. He is very responsible and caring. If the family goes on a trip, he is the one who asks: "Mom, did you not forget Ines pills?" - "As if that’s the concern of a thirteen-year-old" - sighs his mother, Karen.

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About wrong imaging

Lieve, Sofie’s mother, is a speech therapist. In her practice, she’s sometimes confronted with epilepsy. She’s familiar with the symptoms. Hence, when Sofie, as a two year old, cut herself out more and more, Lieve suspected something was wrong.

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Use Epihunter at home

Epihunter Classroom? But can we also use it at home?

Definitely! Epihunter offering the teacher a better insight in the attention and learning quality of the child is convincing. With an extra parent-app, absence seizures also become detectable at home.

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Crowdfunding? Indiegogo?

We need your support.
On February 12th, International Epilepsy Day, Epihunter received a lot of media attention, not only on our product launch but also on the kickoff of our Indiegogo campaign. In this blogpost we will provide some background information on the latter. Still any questions unanswered after this email? Feel free to contact us! 

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Great Epihunter news on International Epilepsy Day

The second Monday of February is known as International Epilepsy Day. On this special day, we have a lot of news to share with you!

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Dad, can you create a light that turns on when my brain switches off?

With this question on March 15th 2015 during our bedtime-ritual with my son, my life took a new direction. Private and professional became one. Suddenly all that had foregone seemed only a preparation for this moment. But our story actually started 6 years earlier and I want to share a bit of that story here.

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